Dec 19, 2018 // Reno Decompression 2019 - Tickets/Info


Reno Decompression 2019 lands on Saturday October 5th. This is the official Northern Nevada Decompression BM Event, and we redistribute all funds (after production costs such as taxes,portas,permits,insurance,etc) directly back to our extended community. The all-volunteer LLC members, past and present, keep very busy with many other projects and since "Official" Reno Decompression started up in 2007, they've worked hard to keep it going, and appreciate all of your creative agony, manual labor toiling, and showing up for no good reason other than you have something to offer, it is what keeps Reno Decom valuable. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time and given of yourselves to make this a fantastic, annual, charitable event.



VOLUNTEERS/THEME CAMPS/MUTANT VEHICLES/ART/FIRE - lead contacts are Dale - Art Cars, Dwayne-Theme Camps, Lauren-Art Installations, d6-general, Jenny-Fire and Lynda-Volunteers - send us a message here and we'll get it to the right lead.


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Interested in volunteering for Reno Decom? Then we'd love to hear from you! Reno Decompression is a community-based event fully sanctioned by Burning Man llc, with proceeds going directly to various local charities & art grants which is why being a volunteer and contributing however you can to Reno Decom guarantees it's positive impact far and wide.

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If you have questions about Reno Burners LLC or if you are interested in performing, fire performance, art placement, etc., then send us a message. If you don't hear back within 2 days, please resend an email.

If you are looking for grant information please direct your attention to the Art Grants page.

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