Dec 19, 2018 // Art Grant Updates//Reports

 Art Grant Submissions are accepted until 04.15.19, (understanding that these grants are of a much lower monetary amount, usually ranging from $50-$1000), any questions, please contact us!

Reno Decompression profits are re-distributed directly back into our local community, so the more people who attend Reno Decom, the more art and charitable donations can be made!

The current Reno Burners LLC is: Dale Weber, Lynda Traves, Lauren Hufft, Dwayne Jones & Darren Barnes, w/invaluable help from Jenny Herz (fire/controlled burn).
2018 Event Recap:
$16,397 - decom ticket sales
$1275.48 - raffle proceeds
$17,672.48 - total revenue 2018 event - (down from 19k+ in 2017)
$6000 - 2018 event production budget est.
$1672 - 2018 admin costs est.
$10,000 available for grants 2019

Should you be in a position to donate online: our paypal address is

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