Oct 10, 2017 // Art Grant Updates//Reports

 Art Grant Submissions were accepted until 04.15.18, (understanding that these grants are of a much lower monetary amount, usually ranging from $50-$750), any questions, please contact us!

Reno Decompression profits are re-distributed directly back into our local community, so the more people who attend Reno Decom, the more art and charitable donations can be made!

 The current Reno Burners LLC is: Dale Weber, Lynda Traves, Lauren Hufft, Dwayne Jones & Darren Barnes, w/invaluable help from Jenny Herz (fire/controlled burn).
2017 Event Recap:
 Thank you for helping with Decompression 2017. It was a great success. Participants and volunteers had a great time inside the Blue Bird and outside on Elko. The party continued until 6 a.m. That tells you people didn't want to leave. More importantly, we raised money to fund artists in 2018. 
 This event happens because of your help, support, dedication and time. I appreciate all of you who extended their shifts and those who helped unexpectedly. Your dedication means a lot to those of us organizing the event. Your energy kept us chipper all night.
 Here's a quick recap of everything you made happen:
  • Box office and greeters: Waves of people arrived at the box office, and we wrist-banded and coat-checked people quickly and efficiently all night. I know the greeters were watchful and ensured all participants were properly wrist-banded, as a few tried to sneak by our greeters without success! Ha! 
  • Raffle: The Raffle sold out. What more can we say. Much appreciation appreciation to the artists who contributed their works to the raffle, and Lauren for corraling the art organizing the raffle.
  • Rangers: A troop of Rangers, lead by Red and Oliver Twist, roamed the event. Thank you! It's always a comfort knowing a Ranger is nearby to help. 
  • Fire Performers: I would like Jenny to pass on to Controlled Burn performers our appreciation and gratitude for their continued support and always coming out to our event and spinning for us.
  • Art Car and Theme Camps: The art cars rocked -- literally -- until 10 am Sunday and the theme camps kept paced. Dwayne and Dale did their magic again!
  • DJs: Participants danced, smiled, and enjoyed enthusiastic sets performed by wonderful artists. The Blue Bird hopped all night.
  • Perimeter: Stayed secure and many were escorted to the box office to donate to the cause. No one sneaked into the event.
  • Leave No Trace: It's fair to say we left the area much cleaner than we found it. Well done LNT.   Thank you all. You made this event a success.  // Lynda/Zed"
$17420.18 - decom admission /coat check
$2227 - raffle proceeds
$19647.18 total revenue 2017 event
$6500 - 2018 event production budget - (based on not knowing where it's going to be held)
$1750 - 2018 admin costs (taxes,business lic,etc)
 $11397.18 available for grants

Should you be in a position to donate online: our paypal address is

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