Jan 16, 2017 // Art Grant Updates//Reports

 Art Grant Submissions will be accepted until 04.15.17, (understanding that these grants are of a much lower monetary amount, usually ranging from $50-$750), any questions, please contact us!

Reno Decompression profits are re-distributed directly back into our local community, so the more people who attend Reno Decom, the more art and charitable donations can be made!

2016 Reno Decom Accounting: $Gross Income - $31233.60 // Hard Expenses - $5383

$25850.60 Net for Operating/Grants

-3500 Operating 2017 Admin Budget
-5000 DECOM 2017 (Estimated Production Budget)
$17350.60 For Grants 2017
The current Reno Burners LLC is: Dale Weber, Jeff Carver, Lynda Traves, Lauren Hufft & Darren Barnes, with Dwayne Jones (theme camps) and Jenny Herz (fire/controlled burn).
What did we learn from the 2016 Event? Tons! The layout at Artech was really exciting to work with indoors and out, and the three main areas were constantly active. Our post-event meeting addressed the overwhelming effort so many put forth to make for such an outstanding evening, as well as a record-setting one for funds raised. Some concerns and where we can improve included parking control, thru-ways indoors, porta placements, indoor plumbing concerns, security, and easement at the main entrance.
Ever care to see the glamorous expenditures to produce the 2016 event? well, here it is in all of its glory:  insurance - 747 / ads - 700 / portas -450 / security -195 / build supplies - 56 / fire permit - 175 / city permits - 269 / burn fuel - 48 / indoor equip - 375 / outdoor equip - 580 - govt fees - 1545 / wristbands - 43 / website - 200 // $5383
There were so many volunteers and performers involved, from bringing big art, to indoor static pieces, to dance and beautiful aerials, so even a small, partial list is ridiculous. Some of the Artists, Performers and Raffle Sponsors: Beth Stoker, Chad Rice, Chris Pacheco, White Trash Superstars, Chango, The Rhino, Alcheme, Jeremy Curl, Nesha, Fred X, Midnite Popcorn Palace, Janusee Jessi, Edward P, Red Rooster Ranch, The Sardine, Slingline Stapler, Jeremy Evans, Kathy D'Onofrio, Lance Leopold, d6, Kate Loranger, Mischell Riley, Lynn Binau, Leslee C, Orlando Oh, Peter Hazel, Jerry Snyder, Pan P, Neil Wangsgard, Scott Morgan, Jeff Johnson, Colin O,  White / Evans, Psilogod, Vic Crulich, Mener, Sleeper Cell, Maxx P., Serg Rockwell, Zoso, Trent Thomas, Mr. Smeagss, Marques Skot, lil dave, xm Freddie, Nikki Smiles, Uss Nevada, Black Rock Bicycles, Melting Pot, Grassroots Books, Kiwanis Bikes, The Generator, Controlled Burn, Silent Disco Headphone Mafia, Happy Happy Joy Joy, and many, many more. 
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