A partial list of Reno Decompression Grant Recipients:

2019: Reno Art Works, HumDrum, The Human Microwave, Reno Core Project, d6, The Key Bearer Project, Lumpy, Geometrics & Fluid Art, Golden Gate, We The People, Pain Cave, Quality of Life, Controlled Burn, Burners without Borders Grant Project

2018: TurtleBot, Xochipilli, Button Mania!, Reno FireFest, Primordial Soup, The babe, Reno Art Works, Red Rooster Ranch, Maya's Mind, Good Luck Macbeth, Giant Woman, Old Blue, The Great Train Wreck, Merry War Theater, Stardust, Robeo & Julietech, Dust Settles

2017: The Big Cheese, Merry War Theater, MegaPrayer, Reno Little Theater, Good Luck Macbeth, Stardust, Eddy House, Emigrant Mural, FirstGiving, Compression, Burners w/Borders, Tattooed Aliens, Our Center, Big Brothers/Big sisters, Nv. Humane Society

2016: Fantasy Dimension, Burnitanical Garden, Spire Of Fire, A Rats Nest, Phoenix Rising, Holland, C.Gunn, Controlled Burn, Our Center, Good Luck Macbeth, Reno Core Project, Mind of DaVinci

2015: Funnel of Creation, Morris Hotel Art Wall, Killbuck, Hugo4 Landpuppet, VaudeVillian Entertainment, Giant Bughead Zapper, Zed aka CutThroat, C.Burn, M.Partridge, Holland Project

2014: Alien Sanctuary, Holland Project, Morris Hotel Solar Garden, Compression, RobotHeads, Ambient Brc, Young Artist Grant, Reno Core, GLM/Evil Dead, Fjörgyn, Painted Pavilion, Habitat for Humanity

2013: Art Pavilion, For Dreamers, Icthyosaur, Nada Dada, Compression, Reno  Core, Future Artists Childrens Program, Vortex of Vultures, DanceTroupe

2012: Heat the Streets, Temple Moksha, Room of Costume, Portal of Evolution, Emeral Kitty, Before I Die, Puppet Slam, Reno Core, The Pier 2, Fertility Goddess, Art/Discovery School

2011: Roadside Temple, Alien Interpretation, The Pier, Temple of Transition, Hugo3, Killbuck, Compression, Georgie Boy, Bridgewire, N.Nv.Humane Society, N.Nv Childrens Cancer Society

2010: Ein Hammer, Spire of Fire, Above the Limit, Megatropolis, Dept.of Mobility, Sierra Arts Foundation, FBRHR, St.Vincents Food Pantry,

2009:Temple of Flux, Duel Nature,Childrens Discovery Museum, Reno Kiwanis Bike Project

2008:1st year of BRAF donations, and monies spent to start llc.

2007: While an ‘unofficial’ decom, this was our first collective effort with members that would go on to become part of the llc board. This was the “everybody pays $5” event, and all proceeds (over 3k) were donated to the Childrens Cabinet.