A partial list of Reno Decompression Grant Recipients:

2017: The Big Cheese, Merry War Theater, MegaPrayer, Reno Little Theater, Good Luck Macbeth, Stardust, Eddy House, Emigrant Mural, FirstGiving, Compression, Burners w/Borders, Tattooed Aliens, Our Center, Big Brothers/Big sisters, Nv. Humane Society

2016: Fantasy Dimension, Burnitanical Garden, Spire Of Fire, A Rats Nest, Phoenix Rising, Holland, C.Gunn, Controlled Burn, Our Center, Good Luck Macbeth, Reno Core Project, Mind of DaVinci

2015: Funnel of Creation, Morris Hotel Art Wall, Killbuck, Hugo4 Landpuppet, VaudeVillian Entertainment, Giant Bughead Zapper, Zed aka CutThroat, C.Burn, M.Partridge, Holland Project

2014: Alien Sanctuary, Holland Project, Morris Hotel Solar Garden, Compression, RobotHeads, Ambient Brc, Young Artist Grant, Reno Core, GLM/Evil Dead, Fjörgyn, Painted Pavilion, Habitat for Humanity

2013: Art Pavilion, For Dreamers, Icthyosaur, Nada Dada, Compression, Reno  Core, Future Artists Childrens Program, Vortex of Vultures, DanceTroupe

2012: Heat the Streets, Temple Moksha, Room of Costume, Portal of Evolution, Emeral Kitty, Before I Die, Puppet Slam, Reno Core, The Pier 2, Fertility Goddess, Art/Discovery School

2011: Roadside Temple, Alien Interpretation, The Pier, Temple of Transition, Hugo3, Killbuck, Compression, Georgie Boy, Bridgewire, N.Nv.Humane Society, N.Nv Childrens Cancer Society

2010: Ein Hammer, Spire of Fire, Above the Limit, Megatropolis, Dept.of Mobility, Sierra Arts Foundation, FBRHR, St.Vincents Food Pantry,

2009:Temple of Flux, Duel Nature,Childrens Discovery Museum, Reno Kiwanis Bike Project

2008:1st year of BRAF donations, and monies spent to start llc.

2007: While an ‘unofficial’ decom, this was our first collective effort with members that would go on to become part of the llc board. This was the “everybody pays $5” event, and all proceeds (over 3k) were donated to the Childrens Cabinet.