With all of your efforts, we are able to provide an amazing event, helping bring artists work to life, while also giving back to our community via charitable donations. Reno Decompression 2018 will be October 6th. Paypal donations: renoburners@gmail


Interested in volunteering for Reno Decom? Then we'd love to hear from you! Reno Decompression is a community-based event fully sanctioned by Burning Man llc, with proceeds going directly to various local charities & art grants which is why being a volunteer and contributing however you can to Reno Decom guarantees it's positive impact far and wide.

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If you have questions about Reno Burners LLC or if you are interested in performing, fire performance, art placement, etc., then send us a message. If you don't hear back within 2 days, please resend an email.

If you are looking for grant information please direct your attention to the Art Grants page.

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